How Am I?

In the midst of friends a few weeks ago, the topic of my writing and this blog came up.  Even though most people I come in contact with don't ask me, it seems as though folks are curious as to how I'm doing.  So, I committed to writing an update and posting more of what's … Continue reading How Am I?

Time, Grief, Finding My Way

It's been many days, a few weeks, since Dad died.  I try not to focus on dates or count days so I don't get hung up on how long it's been.  What I do know is that this is the longest I've gone without talking to him, hearing his voice.  No off-the-cuff, unadulterated remarks.  No … Continue reading Time, Grief, Finding My Way


Last night I returned from Vail where I experienced the rich and beautiful at every turn while accompanying a friend for her post surgery follow ups.  I like to observe, to listen and there was plenty for me to absorb.  I noted several conversations while I was there in which people complained about what I … Continue reading Charles