Today’s Theme

If I’m going to do it, then let’s DO IT.   What do I GET to do today?  Let’s get today’s party started.

When did these thoughts occur to me?  As I was lying in bed, being awoke by a dog next to me, yakking.  She had jumped into bed during the evidently terrifying rainstorm, now vomiting a piece of cartilage about the size and shape of a quarter of a lemon from what I affectionately call a “moose knuckle” that she had been gnawing on yesterday.  What do I GET to do today?  I get to wash my sheets AND my mattress pad!  I’m also very grateful I did not skimp on the brand new mattress pad.  It did it’s job quite well.  Yay!

What do I GET to do next?  Go to my doctor and chemo appointment.  I get to get poked in the arm, at least twice, and cross my fingers that this stuff works for as long as possible.  And at the moment, I GET to have insurance.  Big yay!

What happens while I’m getting ready for the doctor’s office?  Besides the laundry, I’m caring for Scout and Foxy.  Scout has been deteriorating for a while and the last two days have been some of her slowest and weakest.  Today?  She’s perked up.  She’s getting up and down, mostly on her own.  She’s interested in what’s going on around her.  She’s been outside twice.  While I was admiring how much better she was moving, she walked up to me, looked me in the eyes, paused for a beat and then dropped a turd as she stood in front of me in my living room.  I choose to think that’s her way of saying that she’s feeling more like herself and that she made me a present.  Hardwood floors, yay!  Scout’s feeling better, yay!

Foxy isn’t feeling well as evidenced by the bed vomiting and is very needy right now.  She follows me around, more than usual, and paws at me to pet her, touch her, look her in the eyes and give her my undivided attention.  I do it several times for a few minutes a session but hey, chemo awaits.  More pets when I get home, Foxy, and I’m happy I get to do it.  She has been a very good therapist in our time together and comforted me in a way only an intuitive dog can.  I’m grateful I can repay a bit of it.  Foxy, yay!

What else do I GET to do today?  I get to eat!  I fast before treatment to help the efficacy of the drugs and to minimize side effects.  I usually eat normally on Sunday and then not again until after treatment on Wednesday.  Food, yay!  Even better, I get to eat a meal with three kick ass women.  Fun, yay!

I GET to workout this afternoon.  I’m looking forward to my bench press and arm session.  I’m grateful for my strength and my ability to to work at it.  Working my body and brain, yay!

And at the moment, I GET to have this needle taken out of my arm so I can get on with my day.  The party that is my life continues, yay!   Happy today to you and I wish you happiness in all of your GETS.


6 thoughts on “Today’s Theme

  1. I’m grateful you “GET” to do those things! The alternative is pretty grim! Love you girly and still sending lots of prayers from SoCal!

  2. I’m just getting caught up on your posts this morning. this morning I GET to read some eloquent, honest, raw writing from a tough, super smart and compassionate woman. Know you’re an inspiration to many despite your reluctance to be so.

  3. Sarah
    I remember your ‘being frank’ when my daughter Kim introduced me to them.
    Still admire your talent and the thoughts you express so well.
    Bless you 🙏. I sure miss Kim😇

    1. Pat! I think of Kim so often and wish I could talk to her for advice or just a listening ear. She was one of a kind and a good tribute to her mother. I hope you are well. ~Sarah

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