The Inmates Are Growing Restless

Mom and Dad and their respective leg issues continue to improve.  Mom walks most of the time without a crutch, sometimes because she chooses and sometimes because she forgets.  We were out for a walk and someone waved at her.  She raised her arm, waved back and her crutch fell to the ground like a … Continue reading The Inmates Are Growing Restless

Meal Train For My Folks

A few people have asked what they can do to help us.  The first thing that comes to mind and seems to be the easiest and most practical for my folks is meals.  I have created a Meal Train for the month of October with the potential to add dates going forward.  They don't want … Continue reading Meal Train For My Folks

And THEN I Stole A Wheelchair…The Saga of Mom And Dad

Mom had knee replacement Monday, August 24th.  The expectation was that she would be in the hospital until Wednesday and then go home.  She stayed until Thursday and then PT recommended she go to a skilled care facility due to…a few reasons.  She's quite strong-willed and when you couple that with cognition issues, going home … Continue reading And THEN I Stole A Wheelchair…The Saga of Mom And Dad