They Did the Best They Could

Growing up, I didn't realize how malfunctional our family was. Everybody seemed to perceive us as normal and I didn't know any different, at least for a few years. Maybe we were more normal than I thought. Or maybe "common" is a better word. Maybe we hid it. I don't know. What I've come to … Continue reading They Did the Best They Could

Losing It

I wrote this in November 2021. Some things have changed. Some things have just gotten more. Regardless, here it is. Back when my grandfather was “losing it”, there were no memory care facilities, at least not in our small, rural town. There were nursing homes and boy, were they sad places. I think there was … Continue reading Losing It

Hello Again

It's been a minute. So much has happened since I last wrote regularly that the thought of catching you up invokes a mild sense of panic in my solar plexus. That sense, mild-to-moderate-to-severe, has become an old, familiar companion. Today I woke at 4 am, my mind working in overdrive trying to solve current issues, … Continue reading Hello Again